Released Opera 37 with support of Native ad blocker and video pop out

Opera community proudly announced the new release of Opera 37 with Support of Native ad blocker and video pop out, on May 04, 2016 Opera 37 blog Update.

What’s new in Opera 37

  • Native ad blocker : We have started discussion with our team starting of 2016 to make opera more faster, we realized that, blocking ads at web engine level instead of ad blocker plugin will make the tricks, it’s called “native ad blocking”. Yes, we have implemented on Opera 37 and our benchmarks clearly shows major improvement
  • Many ad-blocker extensions spend a lot of time to analyze Web page ads but native ad-blocking technology uses native code and fast algorithms at web engine level to making the computation as fast as possible.
  • Some top websites would load up to 90% faster & overall average 62% faster with browsing Opera’s ad-blocking feature.
  • Also the ad blocker reduces memory consumption up to 47%. Their test case showed reduced RAM usage of up to 600 MB for just 10 tabs.
  • Enable Native ad blocker : By default Native ad blocker is disabled. To Enable Native ad blocker >> Settings >> flip the “Block ads” switch to turn it on.
  • The ad blocker dialog will reveal statistics showing how many ads you’re blocking on the current page and how many you’ve blocked overall
  • You have option to disable ad blocking to particular website, the website is added to an exception list, which you can manage from Opera’s settings
  • To activate or deactivate ad blocker for a specific website, simply click the shield icon in the address bar and flip the switch there.
  • Video pop out : It allows you to shift your video frame to the side of your screen, so you can truly multitask: browse, shop online or do the research without missing out on the video action. You can drag your video around the screen and close it immediately should the need arise.
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