Released Simplicity Linux 16.04

The Simplicity Linux project, a Puppy-based distribution, has announced the launch of a new stable release Simplicity Linux 16.04 on May 02, 2016. It has been released bit later as per the schedule Due to a hard disk failure on their production machine. Latest versions of Simplicity based on the excellent LXPup and uses LXDE as the desktop environment. Mini and Desktop come with the 4.0.4 kernel, and X comes with the 4.4.5 kernel.

Mini (Previously Simplicity Linux Netbook Edition) which comes with latest version of applications such as Flash preinstalled, Firefox, Spotify, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GIMP, and Mplayer.

User can face issues because this version comes with a warning as it is still in the very early stages of development and based on 4.4.5 kernel. Its successfully booted on a 64-bit virtual machine but we didn’t checked on Physical machine. X should not be considered finished or complete. So users don’t try on production, you can test if you want to play with Simplicity Linux.

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