Released Rebellin Linux with Kernel 4.5 & GNOME 3.20

The Rebellin Linux project has announced the launch of Rebellin Linux v3 with Linux kernel 4.5 on May 09, 2016. It’s based on Debian SID branch with support of GNOME & Mate desktop environment With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It’s fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience.

Rebellin V3 update/changes

  • Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.20
  • Mate Version upgraded to v1.12
  • Kernel upgraded to v4.5
  • SMXI scripts integrated
  • Infinality Font Rendering Patches
  • Droid Fonts added
  • Improved theme for the Mate version
  • Bluetooth support added to Mate version (It was previously missing! Silly me.)
  • Plenty of package and driver updates
  • Gnome terminal replaced by terminator
  • Totem replaced by VLC
  • GDM3 replaced by LightDM

Rebellin V3 ISO Image download

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome

Rebellin Linux v3 Mate


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