AryaLinux 2016.04 Released with UEFI systems support

Chandrakant Singh has announced the launch of AryaLinux 2016.04 on May 10, 2016 is a source-based Linux distribution inspired by LFS/BLFS. It uses bash scripts for building the entire distribution ground up. Currently Mate and XFCE spins as the supported desktop environments and support for other desktops is in progress which you can expect in future release. Now you can get AryaLinux Builder images and Live images release scheduled on June 06, 2016

What’s new/change in AryaLinux 2016.04

  • Updated all packages to the latest development of LFS and the current development version of BLFS systemd
  • Upgraded Mate to 1.12.0
  • Added support for UEFI systems
  • Rewrote new installer
  • Plymouth bootsplash now shows up while booting
  • Most packages now build on multiple CPUs, including toolchain and base-system.
  • The same set of scripts can be utilized to create both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Download AryaLinux 2016.04 Builder

If you have issues for building systems, you can use the AryaLinux forum for further assistance.

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