Fedora 24 Beta released with GNOME 3.20 & Wayland Improvements

Fedora community has announced the availability of Fedora 24 Beta early today on May 10, 2016 with Linux kernel 4.5. glibc has moved to 2.23 for better performance & updated the system compiler to GCC 6 and rebuilt all packages & core level packages with that. Put more effort & support for Wayland, the next generation graphic stack but still not yet added as a default one but Wayland remains available as an option.

Lot of changes made on theming in GTK+ 3, where a stable API has not been declared As a result, applications that use custom CSS theming may show issues with their appearance. If so, users need to report bugs which will be addressed in final release.

What’s new/change in Fedora 24 Beta

  • Update the Mono stack 4.2
  • Golang 1.6
  • Ruby 2.3
  • Node.js 5.10
  • Python 3.5
  • Update Fedora TeXLive packaging to 2015
  • Update to NetworkManager to version 1.2
  • Boost 1.60 uplift : This change brings Boost 1.60.0 to Fedora 24. This will mean F24 ships with the latest upstream Boost release
  • Systemd package split : Two new sub packages will be split out from the main systemd package. systemd-container will contain stuff for launching and managing VMs and containers. system-udev will contain udevd and other hardware-related bits.
  • Add support for performing system upgrades to a newer Fedora release through GNOME Software.

Download Fedora 24 Beta

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