Perl 5.24.0 released after 11 months of development

Perl 5 is a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with over 27 years of development. Perl 5 runs on over 100 platforms from portables to mainframes and is suitable for both rapid prototyping and large scale development projects. Perl 5.24.0 bas been released after 11 months of development since Perl 5.22.0 on May 09, 2016 with several fixes approximately 360,000 lines of changes across 1,800 files from 77 authors.

Download gtk+ 3.20.4

Perl 5.24.0 changes

  • Unicode 8.0 is now supported
  • printf and sprintf now allow reordered precision arguments
  • Hashbang redirection to Perl 6
  • Fix loss of taint in canonpath
  • Remove duplicate environment variables from environ
  • The autoderef feature has been removed
  • Regular expression compilation errors
  • Nested declarations are now disallowed
  • ASCII characters in variable names must now be all visible
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