Manjaro 16.06-RC1 (Daniella) – first release candidate released

Philip Müller happy to publish the first release candidate of upcoming stable release Manjaro 16.06-RC1 (Daniella) on May 15, 2016. The XFCE desktop edition is default desktop environment for Manjaro, it’s a flagship edition for them which will ship with XFCE 4.12.

This release mainly focused on polishing the user experience on the desktop and window manager, and on updating some components to take advantage of newly available technologies such as switching to a new Vertex-Maia theme, we already using known as Maia for our KDE edition.

KDE edition continues to deliver this powerful, mature and feature-rich desktop environment with a unique look-and-feel with Plasma 5.6 & the latest KDE-Apps 16.04.

Kernel 4.4 LTS is used for this release, such as the latest drivers available to date. The Manjaro Settings Manager (MSM) now provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for installing and removing the many series of kernels offered by Manjaro. Alternatively you can choose the verity of kernels readily available only on Manjaro which is most extensive of all Linux distribution.

Totally twelve kernel-series are available directly from binary repositories, from 3.10 series to the latest 4.6 release which will support all kind of hardware.

With Pamac 4.0 they have switched to CSD design. Guillaume was working for some time on this new design for pamac. Followed features you can expect.

  • click on a package name and choose details to view details.
  • in dependencies view, click on any dependency to view its details
  • you can continue browsing packages while a transaction is running

Users are advised to verify the downloaded ISO files with the provided checksum before installation, or check the encrypted gpg signature: key ID 11C7F07E “Philip Müller” (for verification you can use for example ‘gpa’ (Linux), ‘Gpg4win’ (Windows) or ‘MacGPG’ (OSx) ).

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