UnitedRPMs – Brand New unofficial Fedora repository

We have already covered in our previous article about additional YUM repository such as EPEL, RPMFusion, Copr, etc.., for CentOS/RHEL & Fedora. In this list we are going to add UnitedRPMs – Brand New unofficial Fedora repository. Fedora UnitedRPMs Project was born as a Google+ community made by David Vásquez and they are going to maintain the multimedia and other software and addons which is missing in original repositories of Fedora. UnitedRPMs supports from Fedora 24 & Fedora 25 now.

UnitedRPMs is extended rpmfusion unofficially. We have a question, they can contribute RPMFusion instead of UnitedRPMs ? Yes, UnitedRPMs development models are very different, flexible ecosystem where everyone can be helpful for the community to grow and Some of UnitedRPMs packages were reworked from RPMFusion and can be used by everyone but RPMFusion repository not like that.

If anybody want to support/contribute the UnitedRPMs, you can do by submitting new packages, notifying package bugs & subscribe the group.

List of available packages in UnitedRPMs, All packages with updates and last added

  • Vlc
  • Mpv
  • GNOME-mpv
  • Chromium (all multimedia HTML5 content, flash player)
  • Kdenlive
  • Handbrake
  • VirtualBox
  • OBS-studio
  • GNOME Internet Radio Locator program
  • Smplayer
  • Foobnix
  • Idjc
  • Cmus
  • Minidlna
  • mplayer
  • Gstreamer codecs
  • freetype-freeworld (with subpixel rendering)
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