Manjaro ARM 16.05 released with new rootfs built using basestrap script

Manjaro community announced the Manjaro-ARM 16.05 on May 17, 2016. There is no much change on the surface for the end users (front end). However they have spent huge amount of time to molde the backend which will help Manjaro development team to maintaining and make a changes on feaure releases with less time consummation.

The most notable change in the back end is a new rootfs built with help of basestrap script from Manjaro-Tools with in a minute but earlier they used to generate rootfs manually and it was very time consuming task.

Manjaro ARM 16.05 by default keyrings installed and configured and package signatures will be provided in all packages possible.

Manjaro-ARM will be using .img files for distributing the installation. It makes it easier to dump the data the sdcard using Linux, Windows, or OSX. tar.gz tarballs will be available later on this initial release, in case anybody want to alter the installation before moving it to their device.

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