Announcing the Debut of LAS (Libre Application Summit) GNOME Conference

The GNOME Foundation is pleased to announce the Libre Application Summit — hosted by GNOME (LAS GNOME), which will be held on September 19 – 23 in Portland, Oregon. LAS GNOME is a new conference that aims to advance the state of the GNU/Linux application ecosystem by increasing collaboration with the Linux Kernel and major Linux distributions, and by attracting and empowering application developers both big and small.

Companies and individuals can mix with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities. Together to improve the application market in GNU/Linux by create and design better application development tools, and improve the developer and user experience in general for the GNU/Linux desktop. The event will also focus on the social and community aspects of FOSS application development.

GNOME technologies will be showcased at LAS GNOME as an example of how we create, distribute, and form communities around applications for both commercial and noncommercial purposes. They encourage the larger Free and Open Source community to support this effort by attending this conference and learning more about how we can create momentum around a GNU/Linux application ecosystem.

For Further details & Registration visit @ LAS

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