Released Calibre 2.57 with new cover design

Calibre is a free and open-source e-book computer software application suite which runs on multiple platforms, allows users to manage e-book collections as well as to create, edit, and read e-books. It supports a variety of formats (including the common Amazon Kindle and EPUB formats), e-book syncing with a variety of e-book readers, and conversion (within DRM restrictions) from different e-book and non-e-book formats. The latest version of Calibre 2.57 released on May 20, 2016.

Download & Install on Calibre 2.57

Calibre 2.57 New Feature/Bug Fixes

  • Driver for the Bq Cervantes 3
  • A new “Ornamental” cover design for the “Generate cover” feature
  • Windows: Use a helper process that does not load any calibre DLLs to display file open/save dialogs. This should fix most crashes caused by poorly designed windows shell extensions.
  • Allow pressing Alt+O as a shortcut for click the OK button in the Add from ISBN dialog.
  • Remove the calibre dependency on ImageMagick — reduces calibre install size by ~ 15MB
  • Edit book: Add a new image filter: Normalize — to improve the contrast in images
  • Edit book: Add a filter to make images look like oil paintings
  • Use ‘Not rated’ for zero stars in all rating spin boxes
  • Edit Book: Fix a crash in the Insert Link tool if one of the HTML files contains an empty id.
  • Fix tag like custom columns not sorted when displayed in the Book Details panel.
  • Fix transient window shown during Edit Book startup
  • Preserve booklist horizontal scroll position when merging books.
  • Google Images metadata download plugin: Fix error when searching for books with non-English characters in the title or author names.
  • Template language: Fix an error formatting dates when the underlying date does not have a day.
  • Preferences->Keyboard: Fix unable to use Alt+A and Alt+S as custom shortcuts.
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