E2fsprogs 1.43 – Ext2/3/4 Filesystem Utilities Released after 1 year of development

e2fsprogs package provides the filesystem utilities for Ext2, Ext3 & Ext4 filesystem. It contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring and debugging Ext2, Ext3 & Ext4 filesystems.

tytso happy to announced a new release of the e2fsprogs 1.43 distribution on May 17, 2016. Add support for the ext4 metadata checksum, checksum seed, inline data, encryption, project quota, and read-only features.

Download & Install on E2fsprogs 1.43

Fixes on Cinnamon 3.0.3 Maintenance release

  • Mke2fs will now create file systems with the metadata_csum and 64bit features enabled by default
  • mke2fs program will now support multiple -O options
  • Mke2fs will now correctly determine the size of a file system and handle the discard operation correctly when the “-E offset=NNN” is used.
  • The tune2fs program will ask the user for confirmation before starting dangerous operations if the terminal is available, and it will replay the journal if necessary
  • Add an ext2/3/4 FUSE server
  • Debugfs can now modify extended attributes and journal transactions.
  • Debugfs now can properly display and set extended timestamps.
  • E2fsck will offer to fix extended timestamps that were incorrectly encoded by older kernels.
  • Fix miscellaneous MMP bugs in debugfs
  • Fix sparse_super2 bugs in mke2fs and resize2fs.
  • Fix or improve offset support in mke2fs, e2undo, and libext2fs.
  • The resize2fs command can now convert file systems between 64-bit and 32-bit mode.
  • We now use a new e2undo file format which is much more efficient and faster than the old tdb-based scheme. Since it so much faster, e2fsck, tune2fs, debugfs, and resize2fs now also can support using creating an undo file.
  • The mke2fs command can now set the error behavior when initializing the file system
  • Teach mke2fs to parse a human-readable argument for -i option.
  • Teach mke2fs to automatically handle creating file systems > 500T by automatically enable the meta_bg feature.
  • Mke2fs will now prompt for user verification before rewriting a file system’s superblock using the -S option.
  • Mke2fs no longer complains if the user tries to create a file system using the entire block device (e.g., without using a partition).
  • Fix an “mke2fs -d” bug which could create inodes with invalid extended attribute blocks
  • E2fsck now prints block ranges in pass1b instead of listing all of the blocks exhaustively.
  • E2fsck will try to expand the root directory if the lost+found can’t be linked to the root directory. Also, offer to use the root directory if lost+found can’t be created.
  • E2fsck is now more paranoid handling corrupted extent trees as well as corrupted journals.
  • E2fsck now has a readahead mechanism which can significantly speed its performance, especially on RAID arrays.
  • E2fsck now has a “yes to all” option which the user can give if she is tired of answering ‘y’ to a very large number of questions.
  • E2fsck can now correctly fix directory with holes on bigalloc file systems.
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