Released pfSense 2.3.1 with bring security fixes on OpenSSL & OpenVPN

Chris Buechler has announced the release of The pfSense 2.3.1 on May 18, 2016 based on FreeBSD operating system designed for firewalls and routers.

This is a maintenance release in the 2.3.x branch, bringing a number of bug fixes, two security fixes in the GUI, as well as security fixes for OpenSSL, OpenVPN and FreeBSD atkbd and sendmsg.

This release includes a total of 103 bug fixes. 79 regressions in 2.3 have been fixed, mostly minor issues in the new GUI. Several of these are significant issues, and have resolved nearly all the post-upgrade problems encountered in 2.3-RELEASE. 24 issues affecting 2.2.x and prior versions have also been fixed, for more details feature & change

You can easily upgrade from any prior version directly to 2.3.1. Also they have removed packages that have been deprecated upstream, no longer have an active maintainer, or were never stable.

Download & Install on pfSense 2.3.1

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