Released Webconverger 35 as a commercial product with 30 Days Trial

The Webconverger project has been released a new version Webconverger 35 on May 19, 2016 its Debian-based web kiosk distribution. This new release mainly brings Much better new hardware support with the Linux 4.5 kernel from Debian backports.

This release included 24,481 changed files and Gtk3 with Firefox 46, Raft of security updates like OpenSSL & Flash.

From yesterday onwords, configuring a device requires payment authorisation which means Webconverger become commercial product. You can get 30 days trial period and the initial price is 9.99USD a month. Pricing is not constant & flexible for large deployments, non-profits and charities organization. They can drop a mail to [email protected] for better pricing. New subscribers can easily make the painless payment through Stripe billing system.

Webconverger will always be open source, meaning you can check out the source code and fork Webconverger. Unconfigured it’s still the best operating system to surf privately in my opinion but software is not free.

The revenue help Webconverger team to improve the Raspberry PI, Android versions & engineering a better kiosk & Web signage system growth.

Webconverger’s value is to give high level privacy so the public, students or business employees can access the Web privately and securely. Every commit is transparent & open. They have ensured everything is patched, locked down and there are no leaks.

Download & Install on Webconverger 35

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