Wayland/Weston with XWayland works on DragonFly

DragonFlyBSD user karu.pruun compiled Xorg with XWayland support and made it work with many applications that need Xorg work now with wayland/weston. It’s success because of XWayland support has been merged in the master X.Org branch. Still there will be a compatibility issue with Wayland which will not work properly alone as X window systems.

Basically, Xwayland is the “Xorg” for applications that need Xorg; it’s a compatibility option as long as an application does not work with wayland/weston directly.

He recompiled x11-servers/xorg-server with options given on XWayland page. It does not compile cleanly and complains about a missing file/library. So before compiling, don’t uninstall your xorg-server yet. He manually copied the file to the build directory in /usr/obj/. . . while facing the errors (He can see what is the file and the directory in error message) finally then remove the xorg-server package. Then “make install” worked fine.

Below list of application worked fine for him and he didn’t tried more applications.

– gedit
– nautilus
– evince

– xfce4-terminal
– atril
– firefox
– spyder
– scilab
– kile (crashes first but works when launched again)

Doesn’t work:
– chrome (segfault)

Weston is quite minimalistic but does provide a stable working environment. No tearing and runs smoothly:

– has workspaces (switch: super + F1, F2 etc)
– a panel with launchers
– switch between apps: super (or ctrl) + tab
– but: no tray for minimized apps: they can be brought back by switching between apps
– Copy-paste works in X and between X and weston
– X cursor could be better configured

Conclusion : He is very much impressed. On this machine, wayland/weston feels faster than X. It’s stable, or at least so far. With Xorg I can’t switch between VT and graphical screen more than twice; the screen hangs after two switches. With Wayland it just works.

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