Cinnamon 3.0.4 Fourth Maintenance Released with pot file update

Mint development team announced the Third maintenance release of Cinnamon 3.0.4 yesterday on May 23, 2016 which will fix few isses on Cinnamon 3.0.3 branch. Till now, Cinnamon 3.0.3 not yet release for public, I guess 3.0.4 will be release later a week of Cinnamon 3.0.1, 3.0.2 & 3.0.3 public release.

Download & Install on Cinnamon 3.0.4

Fixes on Cinnamon 3.0.4 Maintenance release

  • Updated pot file
  • Only show overlay scrollbar toggle when using gtk3 >= 3.16
  • Use an icon that actually exists for blank coverart
  • Fix an icon name
  • Ignore accents/stokes when searching the menu or cinnamon-settings
  • Removed trailing spaces
  • Don’t refresh twice at the same time
  • Fix not cleared drag placeholder in favorites box This fixes the uncleared drag placeholder in the favorites box, if an application was dragged over, but not dropped on the favorites box
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