Released NethServer 7.2 Alpha 3 with Active Directory integration

After a few months of hard work, NethServer team proud to announce the NethServer 7 alpha 3 on May 23, 2016. Which brings the Active Directory integration and a centralized account management (so-called “multi-site”). All packages have been rebuilt and adapted to CentOS 7. nethserver-httpd & nethserver-dnsmasq these packages are now part of the default installation. EPEL repository is now enabled by default.

– List of running services has been moved to a new page
– Each service can be started/stoped/restarted pushing a button
– Dashboard tabs have been split into multiple pages under the Status menu
– Data backup destination now supports more storage types (iSCSI, eSATA)
– All services are now controlled by systemd
– UID of user accounts now starts from 1000
– Sudo configuration has been rewritten to be upstream compliant

The below package has been updated to latest version

– Hylafax+ 5.5 from EPEL (fax services are now handled by systemd)
– Roundcubemail 1.1.4
– SOGo 3
– Snort 2.9.8 with support for OpenAppID
– Owncloud 8
– Ejabberd 16 from upstream
– ntopng 2.2
– WebvirtMgr 4.8.9 (KVM virtual machines manager)

NethServer is now designed to leverage existing Active Directory infrastructure and simplify administrative and user control. Administrators can quickly and securely roll out policy decisions using their existing Active Directory. Users authenticate against a single directory, removing the need for multiple accounts, syncing passwords or duplicating information.

Account management module is included in the ISO, so after the installation, we can easily connect a remote NethServer running OpenLDAP, connect a remote Active Directory Domain Controller (Samba or Windows). Also we can run OpenLDAP & Samba Active Directory in backends by installing additional modules from the Software Center.

NethServer is now able to act as Samba Active Directory Controller. Samba Domain Controllers are compatible with the Microsoft Active Directory implementation, that means

– NethServer can replace a Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller
– Native MS-Windows management tools, like RSAT tools and AD PowerShell are compatible with NethServer
– Group policies can be deployed through native MS-Windows tools
– Windows workstations can seamlessly join the AD Domain, no more registry tweaks are needed.

Download & Install on NethServer 7.2 Alpha 3

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