Released Q4OS 1.4.10, Orion with new script, polished and improved start menu

Q4OS team is pleased to announce the release of Q4OS 1.4.10 (Orion) on May 23, 2016. It brings new script called qinst-ipvideo used to install NVidia graphics card and related proprietary drivers after detection. Another new script created which used to switch between category and Q4OS menu structure, default Q4OS Bourbon start menu has been polished and improved a bit, also fixed the issue annoying delay prior to show logout dialog.


All the updates will arrive into repositories in the days to come, update manager or unattended upgrades mechanism will take care about to update computers of current users.

It’s based on debian and featured with Trinity Desktop Environment. This Long Term Support release codenamed ‘Orion’ gives you five years of security patches and updates, it will be supported till May 2020 at least.


Download & Install on Black Lab Linux 7.6.1

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