Released Wayland Protocols 1.4 with new protocol extension viewporter

Wayland team announced the release of Wayland Protocols 1.4 today few hours ago on May 23, 2016. This release include one new stable protocol extension called viewporter.

The viewporter porter has previously been known as “wl_scaler” and enables a client to crop and scale a surface server side. Clients and compositors
previously implementing support for wl_scaler should adapt accordingly. See the corresponding XML file for details.

Other changes included in this release are various grammatical corrections to the presentation-time, tablet, relative-pointer, pointer-constraints, linux-dmabuf, input-method and fullscreen-shell protocols.

It’s now also possible to use autotools build files to install on platforms where the host CPU is not recognized.

Download & Install on Wayland Protocols 1.4

Changes on Wayland Protocols 1.4

  • Bump version updated to 1.4
  • swap two paragraphs in ‘presented’
  • reorganize clock_id documentation
  • rephrase request intro
  • add viewporter draft
  • remove wp_viewport.set request
  • rephrase a wp_viewport paragraph
  • add more error cases
  • Adjust vertical whitespace for consistency
  • Add missing xml declaration
  • Use ‘surface-local’ in simplified parameter summary
  • Hyphenate compound adjective surface-local
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