Released Wayland and Weston Version 1.10.93, (RC1) 1.11

This is the first release candidate for wayland 1.11 & Weston 1.11 on May 24, 2016. There have been only a few minor changes since the beta.

Download & Install Wayland and Weston Version 1.10.93

Changes on Wayland Version 1.10.93

  • Proxy wrappers were introduced, which help avoid race conditions in multi-threaded clients.
  • Wayland’s shared memory (shm) received several improvements
  • Documentation now includes HTML generation of doxygen comments in the source code.
  • This provides client-side and server-side API documentation, allowing developers easier reference to Wayland’s functionality from the web
  • Add –version arg for wayland-scanner.
  • Add summaries to protocol event parameters.
  • Make scanner’s stack non-executable, for security purposes.
  • Fix configuration with –disable-dtd-validation due to incorrect autoconf variable name.
  • Various fixes and enhancements to test cases.
  • Various code cleanups related to header includes

Changes on Weston Version 1.10.93

  • Another major area of development focused on the IVI shell and related code. Huge amounts of cleanup, refactoring, and documentation copyediting are helping polish this codebase.
  • Add a ‘get_label’ functionality for debugging purposes in ivi-shell
  • Straighten out configuration calls from ivi-layout.c to ivi-shell.c, allowing configure events to be sent more directly.
  • Remove ivi-shell surface transitions when the surface itself gets removed.
  • Fix build to not enable systemd-login unless dbus is present.
  • Straighten out the handling of systemd CFLAGS
  • Make jpeglib an optional dependency (–with-jpeg/–without-jpeg)
  • Various other cleanups to build logic.
  • Add new icons for weston terminal, flower, and editor clients
  • Cleanup eventdemo output and minor refactoring
  • Fix crash on destruction of clients with two or more surfaces
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