Huge wifi Drivers updates on DragonFlyBSD

Recently May 23, 2016 DragonFlyBSD project performed Huge wifi Drivers updates on DragonFlyBSD operating system master branch, complete wifi resync from FreeBSD which was notified by Matthew Dillon. As of now the team verified few device only ATH, IWN, IWM, and a few others. Reset of the device, whoever facing issue they need to update a bugx to DragonFlyBSD to get fixes.

As per dragonflydigest update, see the list of drivers affected on this release ath, rum, iwm, iwn, run, bwn, urtwn, wi, ral, iwi, ndis, and wpi drivers. Also β€˜an’ driver has been removed, too.

Whoever using DragonFly master and are using one of these devices, now is the time to update and try. From now onwords DragonFlyBSD use single-interface mechanism that simplifies the driver code, so for example if you have a ATH wifi, ATH should probe and attach but will not show up as an interface. Instead it will show up in a list from ‘sysctl net.wlan.devices’.

The rc.conf setup remains unchanged and will create the appropriate wlan device and attach the wifi nic to it. Only the wlan netif will show up in
ifconfig now.


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