Manjaro Lxqt “Ice” 16.05 maintenance released

Manjaro community happy to announce a maintenance release of the latest Manjaro-Lxqt 16.05 Community edition. LXQt is one of the best light weight desktops (written in QT5 and based on Openbox), this especially suitable for older computers with limited resources and better speed.


Latest Manjaro-Tools (0.11.6) and stable repositories were used to create the ISO files. The 32 bit version is CD-sized and needs 300 MB for installation with Calamares.

Put lot of efforts to avoid huge application (Kde tools, Qt4, python2, mplayer/mplayer2) and replaced few alternatives (mplayer/mplayer2 (replaced by mpv)), also developed few application for LXQT (clementine-lqxt & smplayer-lxqt).

Other tools, themes and icons are available in the manjaro-lxqt repository (maintained by the community).

Download & Install Manjaro LXQT 16.05

Main Changes on Manjaro LXQT 16.05

  • kernel 4.4.10 LTS, Manjaro settings manager, sddm, plymouth, octopi, compton, plank (64bit)
  • pcmanfm-qt, gimp, lximage-qt
  • firefox (64bit) otter-browser (32bit), hexchat, transmission-qt
  • abiword, qpdfview, gnumeric (64bit), leafpad
  • mpv, smplayer, pulseaudio (64bit) clementine qt5 (32bit)
  • gparted, qisousb, lxtask, xsensors
  • ffmpegthumbnailer
  • capture tool + key Print Screen configured for taking screenshots (also with Alt or Shift)
  • xscreensaver (64bit), i3lock-shiver (32bit)
  • AUR support
  • This release comes with Manjaro advanced graphical installer Calamares as well as our CLI-installer.

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