Gentoo Linux 20160514 released with UEFI & ZFS support

Gentoo Linux is proud to announce the availability of a new LiveDVD code named Choice Edition to celebrate the continued collaboration between Gentoo users and developers.

The LiveDVD is available in two flavors: a hybrid x86/x86_64 version, and an x86_64 multilib version. The livedvd-x86-amd64-32ul-20160514 ISO will work on 32-bit x86 or 64-bit x86_64.

– If CPU architecture is x86, then boot with the default gentoo kernel.
– If the arch is amd64, boot with the gentoo64 kernel. This means you can boot a 64-bit kernel and install a customized 64-bit userland while using the provided 32-bit userland.

The livedvd-amd64-multilib-20160514 ISO is for x86_64 CPUs only and will not boot on x86 CPUs.

Download & Install Gentoo Linux 20160514

The ISO images for 32bit & 64bit can be downloaded from the official web site download section.

Main Changes on BackBox Linux 4.6

  • Linux Kernel 4.5.0
  • Xorg 1.18.3
  • Plasma 5.6.2
  • Firefox 45.0.1
  • LibreOffice
  • Gimp 2.9.2
  • Blender 2.72b-r3
  • Chromium 50.0.2661.75
  • Thunderbird 38.7.1
  • Gparted 0.25.0
  • x86 package list
  • amd64 package list

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