Released Linux Lite 3.0 with lot of Changes

Jerry announced the release of Linux Lite 3.0 on May 31, 2016 with lot of Changes & improvements. This release included new Login Manager, new Boot Theme, Lite Software has had an overhaul, new System Theme (Arc), (Lite Info), Folder access from the Menu and Upgrades are now automated and seamless in Series 3. In addition, there has been a lot of bug fixes and adjustments since the Beta release.

Linux Lite 3.0

By default systemd excluded, if you want to install, run the below command on terminal.

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install systemd-manager -y

Chagnes on Linux Lite 3.0

  • Lite Software : Lite Software has had an overhaul, added icons which will help users to identify the software’s easily with images. Also select multiple programs to install by holding down Ctrl or Shift
  • Folders access from the Menu : Another community suggestion that fits perfectly with those transitioning from Windows
  • Share Hardware Configuration (Lite Info) : The purpose of the Linux Lite Hardware Database, is to give people an idea of different computer configurations from within a Linux Lite Series. They already had 400+ submissions
  • Tray Icons : User can easily put back their tray icon by either running ‘volti’ from the Menu or logging out/in again, if we deleted the item accidentally from Tray
  • New Theme : Added popular Arc theme which looks great & regularly maintained. You have option to choose there variants Arc, Arc-Dark and Arc-Darker
  • Lite Themes : A new package added which help users to manage themes, icons, mouse themes and wallpapers
  • Lite Upgrade : Lite Upgrade package will help users to upgrade Linux Lite to own series 2.x & 3.x
  • New Boot Theme : Updated to new look
  • Less PPA’s : only added these PPA’s Gimp, Wine and System back
  • Google Software : Due to big challenging issue with Google Software, No Google products will appear in Lite Software for the entirety of Series 3. They are planning to reintroducing Google software in Lite Software in Series 4
  • UEFI : There is no support for UEFI on Linux Lite Series 3
  • Kernel : Port with Latest Linux Kernel
  • Games Menu : Dropped in Series 3. Steam is now installable via Lite Software for both 32bit and 64bit.
  • Wallpaper : The default wallpaper in this Beta represents the start of Series 3 with Codename Gem & final default wallpaper has yet to be decided upon
  • Firefox 46.0
  • Thunderbird 38.7.2
  • LibreOffice
  • VLC – 2.2.2
  • Gimp 2.8.16
  • Audacity
  • Calibre
  • Pinta

Screen Shots Tour

See below few Screen Shots from Linux Lite 3.0.

Home Screen shot

Software package list screen shot

Folder access from menu

New Login Screen

New Arc Theme


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