Pushed Fedora GUI upgrade on Gnome software

Fedora project promised when the release Fedora 24, GUI upgrade will be push after a month through GNOME Software which is, one of the new feature on Fedora 24. Thy day came to picture now, its time to upgrade from fedora 23 to fedora 24 through GUI via GNOME software. I hold one Virtual machine to test this upgrade, how the upgrade process is going.

I have been checking the Gnome Software utility very often and finally saw the notification yesterday. The update has been pushed through GNOME 3.20.4 version. So, first we need to upgrade the Gnome software to latest one 3.20.4 which capable to do the upgrade from one version to another version, like Fedora 23 to Fedora 24.

Fedora GUI upgrade steps

  • Go to Gnome Software Center >> Updates >> hit “Restart & Install” button which will reboot the system & upgrade the Gnome version to 3.20.4. Which capable to do the upgrade from one version to another version
  • Close the OS updates pop-up window, immediately you will get Fedora 24 upgrade screen
  • Hit “Download” button which will download the upgrade packages
  • Hit “Install” button, once again it will ask the final confirmation “Restart & Install” (Immediate reboot happen before initiate upgrade) to perform the upgrade
  • When update finished, system will be rebooted once again and came back with Fedora 24 login screen

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Whoever preferring GUI instead of CLI, they can do the upgrade nicely….Enjoy…)

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